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“Great Expectations” pregnancy  home is an outreach ministry offering a home for expectant women.




Parents: Does Your Daughter Know All the Health Consequences of Abortion? Visit Concerned Parents Report © for the Latest!


Does she know having an abortion increases her risk in the future of: premature birth, miscarriage, breast cancer, depression, anxiety disorders, psychiatric admissions, and substance abuse? Past abortion may also be a factor in developing autoimmune diseases. Protect your daughter from harm by empowering her with knowledge to keep her safe. Click here to visit.


Find out what options you have to choose from. People and places that can help you in your time of need. Who will pay your medical bills? Who can I trust and talk to? FIND OUT HERE!



Addiction and Pregnancy


Pregnancy should be an exciting and empowering time in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, addiction and mental health problems can compromise a woman’s safety and well-being. There’s hope for recovery, though. Help is available for pregnant women who are suffering from addiction.




Take time to get the facts, informed choice, defining abortion, and abortion techniques. Is Abortion Safe? Alternatives to Abortion. Just the Medical Facts.    





What is RU486? How does RU486 work? All your questions answered about RU486.




Antioch adoptions




22 Ideas on how to become active in the Pro-Life cause. The ideas range from simple to time consuming. You know how much time and effort you can put in and where your skills lie. Together, we will make a difference!





Become a monthly sponsor of LHL. Send food or supplies to the pregnancy home. Be a part of our mission.    





New Way Ministries offers transitional housing to women & children



Find out local Pro-Life news. Get updates on “GE”. Be informed on what LHL is doing to help the lives of others.











(WA State Affiliate of National Right to Life)


14400 Bel-Red Rd


Bellevue, WA 98007






Abortion is Murder

Includes pro-life excerpts from various religious texts, listing of the official positions of political parties, illustrations, images, and advice for crisis pregnancies.

 Center for Life Principles

(A Project of HL Ed. Foundation)

 National Right to Life After Abortion

Information on the aftereffects of abortion and post-abortion healing. Includes research on post-abortion issues, resources, and testimonies.

Christian Action News focuses on the pro-family and pro-life issues affecting the very fabric of our nation. Each month families will have access to the latest news and information affecting traditional family values and morality.

Get facts before considering abortion or sex before marriage.

Silent Scream

A graphic video of an 11th week abortion.