Our main purpose is to inform and educate the public of the great need to protect the unborn, along with the elderly. It is our desire to change the hearts of people, one by one, with the truth that all human life is “sacred” and deserves protection under the law.

     We offer educational pro-life materials to all county schools along with the free use of our fetal models.

     We operate the “Great Expectations” pregnancy home in Lynden. We offer love, understanding, and a place to live. We hope to prepare women for a productive future whether they choose to adopt or parent.

     We speak at churches, schools, and civic groups on behalf of LHL and the “Great Expectations” Pregnancy Home.


Lynden Human Life (LHL) is a non-profit, pro-life organization affiliated with Human Life of Washington. There are 38 affiliates in Washington State, all serving under Human Life of Washington (click for more). Human Life of Washington is a state affiliate of National Right to Life(click for more), the largest lobby in America.  





  • County Fairs

  • School and college sexual awareness clinics

  • Peaceful pro-life rallies and life chains

  • Local advertising through bill boards and newspapers

  • Lynden Human Life offers speakers to the community on subjects such as Euthanasia and abortion, we also offer

  • Speakers into the county schools

  • Prenatal education

     Lynden Human Life also participates in lobbying our legislators by phone calls, faxes, and letters to encourage and pass pro-life/pro-family legislation on both the state and federal level